I don’t know if you can tell from my favorite mug but two of my favorite things are coffee and Star Wars.

It’s sometimes hard to to do but if we focus on Christ everyday we will live a full life!

This is why we put these groups together each month. If you commit to it you can also reach your goal like Tara did!

The attitude that we have while we are in the wilderness will determine how long we’re going to stay there.
- Joyce Myers.

I did the Piyo strength and interval workout today for the first time! It is my favorite so far. It is challenging and keeps it moving which makes it go by so fast!

My brother was so excited to park in the fuel efficiency parking spot!

Yep, you got me.

I like the schedule poster that came with Piyo but for me the easiest way to schedule my workouts is with the auto - schedule on the super gym.

Lets go Steelers!! Okay, I know its only preseason but I’ll take any football I can get right now.

Fresh tomato and smokey tempe sandwich! This tomato was so fresh and delicious!